Sunday, August 25, 2013

News Articles that are Eerily Similar to F451

For 5 extra credit POL points, between now and when we finish F451 in two weeks: Post (here) a news article about something in our modern world that is eerily similar to Fahrenheit 451, and comment on the essential human need/weakness, or the virtue missing in our society.  Make sure you don't repeat an article/situation someone else has already posted.

Example: The Anger Room.  Check out this business, where people pay to wreck things.  Somehow sounds appealing, and at the same time is straight out of Fahrenheit - the "Car Wrecker" and "Window Smasher" places that Clarisse's peers frequent.  This highlights the human need to release intense emotion, and our society's tendency to ask people to repress - and then they need to explode.

Come Back Swinging: The Anger Room Reopens in a Smashing New South Dallas Location

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