Friday, November 15, 2013

Patterns and Themes in 12th Night

Homework for Tuesday 11.19:
Conversation-style post, using at least one quote.  From these first 4 scenes, what conflicts, issues, patterns or themes have arisen?  (i.e., what might you want to track for an essay?)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Character Traits Leading to Success/Failure in Love

What character traits lead to success in love? and/or What character traits have you already seen in characters in 12th Night that would lead to success/failure in love? Conversation-style post, 300+ words.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What is Success?

What does success look like?  
Then, in particular for you: at 20/25/30 years old, what would cause you to call yourself a success?

300+ words, conversation-style.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Metamorphosis / Glass Menagerie Essay - Best Paragraph

Please share the best paragraph of your Metamorphosis / Glass Menagerie essay here.  Congratulations on finishing the first major essay of the year!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tue: Patterns and Changes in Book 2

What repeated images or issues are coming up in the novella so far?  
What has changed or not changed from beginning, and what does it mean?
(200+ words, conversation style)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

News: Invisible Man banned

In the great tradition of schools banning quality literature, this week a North Carolina school district banned Invisible Man.  See below link for further information.

Metamorphosis has also been widely banned, including during the Nazi period when they tried to wipe out Kafka's work entirely.  It's interesting to consider what it is that people feel frightened of in these works.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Metamorphosis Essential Questions

Due Mon Sept 23rd: Compose an answer (200+ words) to one or more of the essential questions of our Metamorphosis unit.    Make clear which question you are answering.  Post your response here, conversation-style.

a.     What do people need to be happy?  Does modern life support those needs, or work against them? 
b.     What makes humans feel powerless?
c.      Why do people sometimes feel at odds with members of their own families?
d.     What are the qualities that make someone “human”?  Can a non-human be human?  Can a human be inhumane?  Explain.

Metamorphosis - Part 1 Analysis

For Mon Sept 23: Pick one of Kafka's writing choices (diction, syntax, selection of detail, repetition, irony might be useful ones) in page 2-12, and analyze what meaning it contributes to the story.   Each new post must be about new quotes, or have new thoughts on quotes already provided, and no post should be about quotes that we analyzed in class.


Why did Kafka make Gregor a bug?  Add new ideas to our class discussion, and use quote(s) to support your argument.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Evaluate literary criticism of “Yellow Wallpaper”

Choose one of these literary criticisms on “The Yellow Wallpaper”.  As a comment on this thread, indicate which criticism you are responding to, and then compare and/or contrast this author’s argument to the arguments made by our class about the story.  (i.e. what you or other people posted in our earlier thread).  200-500 words.

Due Thursday, Sept 19th by 2pm, for 10 extra credit POL points.

Yellow Wallpaper - Creative (re)Writing

Envision a different ending for "The Yellow Wallpaper".  You might consider how the story would be different if she had a Granger or Faber, or you might take it in a different direction.  Compose a narrative, 300-1000 words, that is the new last page(s) of the story.   Post your story here, due by Thursday Sept 19th at 2pm, for 10 extra credit POL points.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Yellow Wallpaper": Devices to Theme

How do specific devices create complex theme in "The Yellow Wallpaper"?  Enunciate a complex theme and describe how syntax, diction, point of view, imagery, structure, juxtaposition, irony, or other devices convey it.  Conversation style, so if you are building on someone's point, acknowledge them and then add new dimensions to the ideas.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Human Nature from Depression Book

According to Huber, what are essential human needs?  What are common weaknesses?  What is success and what leads to it?  What parts of this argument ring true to you?  What would you critique about her argument?  For Mon Sept 9th, post 200+ word conversation-style response to this prompt.  You can choose one question to answer, or answer more than one.  Encouraged to makes connections to your own life experiences.  Encouraged to use quotes from the text (from part 1 or part 2).

Sunday, August 25, 2013

News Articles that are Eerily Similar to F451

For 5 extra credit POL points, between now and when we finish F451 in two weeks: Post (here) a news article about something in our modern world that is eerily similar to Fahrenheit 451, and comment on the essential human need/weakness, or the virtue missing in our society.  Make sure you don't repeat an article/situation someone else has already posted.

Example: The Anger Room.  Check out this business, where people pay to wreck things.  Somehow sounds appealing, and at the same time is straight out of Fahrenheit - the "Car Wrecker" and "Window Smasher" places that Clarisse's peers frequent.  This highlights the human need to release intense emotion, and our society's tendency to ask people to repress - and then they need to explode.

Come Back Swinging: The Anger Room Reopens in a Smashing New South Dallas Location

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What are admirable virtues? What virtues does modern society lack?

What are admirable human virtues?  What virtues are most missing in modern society?  Post your opinion, conversation style, as a comment here.  Minimum 200 words.  This is a conversation, so you need to read the posts before you and respond/build/add new thoughts.  Don't forget grammar, punctuation, and to be professional.  For Monday 8/26, you need to comment on either needs or virtues - not both.

What are essential human needs?

What are essential human needs?  Post your opinion, conversation style, as a comment here.  Minimum 200 words.  This is a conversation, so you need to read the posts before you and respond/build/add new thoughts.  Don't forget grammar, punctuation, and to be professional.  For Monday 8/26, you need to comment on either needs or virtues - not both.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome and Summer Close Reads Library

Hello AP students.  I look forward to beginning to share and deepen eachothers' ideas through this page.  Please remember to be professional in your grammar, tone, and choice of words.

We will have two kinds of posts on our blog: "Library" and "Conversation".  "Library" posts are for us to build a set of documents, our own library on an issue.  In a library post, you simply post what you have written on a subject; it does not have to respond to other posts.  

Most of our posts will be "Conversation" posts.  There, the goal is to have an academic conversation on about a question.  This is similiar to a Socratic.  In this style of posts, you read what's been said and then add to it.

It's easiest if your blogger name is the same as your first name.  If it isn't, please begin each of your posts with your name.

As part of your homework for Thursday, August 22nd, choose which of your summer-close reads you think is your best work.  It can be from Fahrenheit 451 or your choice novel.  Attach your best summer close-read here, as a comment.  If your close-read is too long to be one post (there's a character limit), post it as two comments.